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Dos And Don’ts in Taking SAT Prep

To make a place for themselves in the emerging global village, countless students are dreaming of studying abroad, in international colleges and universities. The benefit of studying in such international colleges and universities is that they help in raising the skill and capabilities of students a great deal. But getting admission in these international colleges and universities is not at all easy. A number of stages need to be cleared.

sat prep dubai

SAT Prep in Dubai, however, helps in this preparation a great deal. From the syllabus to final admission, SAT Prep in Dubai helps in sailing smoothly through every stage to your final admission. However, there are a number of things you must keep in mind while preparing for SAT, some of these are as follows:

  •         Stay updated: Whether it is about syllabus, registration date or the result date, staying updated is very much necessary. Generally there are no last minute changes but it is always better to be prepared for anything and stay updated so as to avoid inconveniences.
  •         Practice well: When your future is concerned, never take things lightly. While preparing for SAT, you must always be well prepared and to be well prepared, you must practice a lot. Here, only studying and revising will not be enough. You need to give as much practice tests as possible. Trying to reduce the time taken by you along with trying to score high will only act as a cherry on the cake.
  •         Don’t fret or get stressed: Staying calm is very much necessary. Those who say that worry only ruins the task at hand don’t lie. Staying and calm, composed and cheerful works wonders not only while preparing for the exam but also while appearing for it. It helps a great deal in staying focused on your target as well.

Proed World is one of the best education consultants in UAE. We have the best team to help you prepare for SAT and get admission in your dream college and/or university and achieve the greater heights of success. Our team comprises of officials of various colleges and universities, hence, have years of invaluable experience of the whole admission process.

Recipes That Are Cakelicious

It is an undeniable fact that cakes are an important part of any celebration or occasion. Cakes add to the feeling of celebration and take the excitement and happiness to a completely new level. However, having the same cake on each and every occasion may turn out to be such a bore and drab thing. Thus, going creative and innovative with your cake’s flavor is very much necessary, especially if you are planning to have a grand affair for an equally grand Cakes in Dubai.

For this, you need to be very careful with the flavor, icing, the overall ingredients, and their proportion. You also need to find a recipe that can be easily experimented and/or executed. In such cases, entrusting the work to the best and most reliable baker may only add to the overall success of your experiment of getting the best cake in Dubai.

Cakes in Dubai

Following are some of the flavors that can simply surprise your guests and help you get plenty of appreciative pats on the back.

  •         Choco-caramel with vanilla: This flavor is ideal for those who like the combination of vanilla and chocolate. With the added flavor of caramel, the cake tastes even more delicious and yummy. This flavor is suitable for all age groups so you will not have to worry an even slightest bit before going for this one.
  •         Custard apple with mint flavor: The fact that we have a number of desserts like fruit custard is a proof in itself that most of us love the taste of custard apples. Combined with mint, this flavor can be a true novelty in your party. You will not have to worry before picking this flavor also because it is a favorite among kids and grown-ups alike. To make this flavor a bit more suitable for fitness buffs, you can add a touch of honey and voila!
  •         Black currant with vanilla: Black currant is one of the favorite flavors of kids. The strong and a bit tangy. If you are someone who is very particular and likes somewhat balanced tastes, black currant with vanilla can become your new thing.

G’s is one of the best café, bakery, and deli in Dubai. With our wide range of cake flavors and equally diverse experience in creating new ones, you can be sure that you will get nothing but for the best from us.


dubai company formation

Important Things Startup Company Needs To Know

Starting a business seems an easy task but it involves a lot of effort, time and money. Along with this, it incorporates huge financial risks and hence you have to be aware of the decisions you make. The decisions you take should be right to ensure the business productivity and help you retrieve the benefits expanding your start-up. The very first thing for the successful business is the location you are going to select which decides the future of your start-up. Most of the people aspire Dubai for company formation due to its user-friendly atmosphere and welcoming behavior for the international investors to come and set up their business.

dubai company formation


If you are new to the entrepreneur world and are planning to venture in Dubai for company formation than there are few things you should be knowing. Here we have gathered up few basics that will help you conclude whether you are ready to jump in.

  • Rules and ownership of company formation

This is the most important aspect for those who wish to invest and looking for a start-up in Dubai. International investors are not allowed 100% ownership of the Dubai based companies. Instead, they have to search for a local business partner and can own the 49% ownership. But if you mind giving majority ownership to another person than setting up business in the free zone is better for you which will let you have 100% ownership followed by some restrictions. Free zones are mainly for the companies with specific purposes.

  • Get familiar with the local market

One has to perceive the taste of the local market if they wish to establish a business that is related to catering the Dubai market. What the population prefers and studying the ongoing competition in the market is highly important if you are planning to launch your business. How well your product will be appreciated or accepted depends on the market research which is a crucial aspect before entering the entrepreneur world. If you are attentive enough, Dubai will treat you worth it.

  • Local culture

When stepping into Dubai and if are willing to set up a business than you should learn the culture they have. The culture and traditions are strictly followed by the people who reside there and if broken they have to face serious consequences. Therefore, it is very much essential for the outsiders to get introduced to their local culture and decide whether they can blend well with the population and their customs. Before getting settled, understand the place and its traditions very well.

In order to reap the best benefits, you can go ahead with consulting Adam Global, a business advisory firm holding an experience of years in setting up businesses by guiding the foreign investors through the path.

Aluminum Plain Sheet

Common Use of Aluminum Plain Sheet

We live on aluminum as 8% of earth’s crust consists of the aluminum. Aluminum is the most abundant metal found. It is being used since ages in Egypt and by Roman people. Earlier aluminum oxide was used to make pottery and glazes and it was thought that extracting pure aluminum was a hard task. Then the time changed and there was a lot of advancement in research of aluminum which made it possible to produce pure aluminum. Now, it is available in several forms such as sheets, plates, foils, ingots, bars so that it can be put to the use in many ways. You can find all types of the aluminium plain sheet in Dubai very easily.

It can’t be compared with any other metal when it comes to its variety of uses. This element is also used in creating glass. A variety of aluminium plain sheet in Dubai is supplied all over the world. Let’s shed a light on the common uses of aluminum in the manufacturing and production of various appliances.

• Pots, pans, and cans

As aluminum is a valuable metal that can be recycled and has taste-preserving quality, it is used in soda cans. Kitchen utensils are also made with aluminum due to its thermal conducting property and nontoxic properties.

• Home appliances

This white chalky metal has the property of electrical and thermal conductivity and thus it is used in many heating and cooling appliances like refrigerator, microwave, dryers along with other appliances like televisions, laptop, and many others. Due to its lightweight and convenient to carry nature, it is used widely in appliance manufacturing.

• Transportation

Aluminum is a strong steel that can withstand weight very easily. This property makes it compatible to manufacture wheels for heavy vehicles. So, as to withstand heavy pressure to carry heavy loads by trucks and other vehicles aluminum wheels are most important. Rail systems in Japan and aircraft are also made using aluminum.

• Packaging

It holds heat and thus, is used in our homes and food industries to pack the food and lining the pans so that it retains the temperature of the food and protects it from damage caused by bacteria, moisture, and oxygen. Pharmaceuticals also use them to avoid the need of refrigeration of goods.

Zayn Steels in Dubai is the largest supplier of aluminum sheets, plates, coils tubes or bars. They are the metal experts delivering the quality services over the years.

Female Gynecologist

What is Hormonal Imbalance and What are the Causes Of It

A woman starting from puberty to menopause experiences constant hormonal fluctuations and this is the part of the natural menstrual cycle, which prepares the body for ovulation, and pregnancy. The process keeps repeating up to menopause. Consult Female Gynecologist in Dubai if you have mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes and painful periods.

Sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone are produced in the ovaries. Estrogen is involved when a girl begins to go through puberty. During puberty, a girl will experience some behavior such as romantic attractions, aggression. Physical such as breast growth, will begin to accumulate body fat around the hips and thighs, and will have a growth spurt. Estrogen and progesterone are also involved in the regulation of a girl’s menstrual cycle. These hormones also play a role in pregnancy, for details consult a Female Gynecologist in Dubai.

With woman’s age Progesterone levels tend to decrease and estrogens production increases, causing estrogen dominance. Other glands like thyroid gland, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands are responsible for changes in the hormone production.

Hormone imbalance may also be caused by toxins, stress or an unbalanced lifestyle. Understanding the causes of hormone imbalance enables us to counteract them, and at the same time, feel better, think better, and better prevent further complications

It can be because of from eating processed food or which cause inflammation, work, and relations, pain, injury or lack of sleep. Stress prompts an increased generation of cortisol which will result in depletion of progesterone.

Each synthetic we ingest through our skin must be detoxified by our liver. The more chemicals we devour the more stress we put on our liver. If our liver is stressed, our body’s capacity to detoxify and remove chemicals is diminished.
Inflammation caused because of improper digestion suppresses the hypothalamus and pituitary gland which instruct the body to produce hormones.
Also, estrogen may not be broken down and excreted from the body leading to symptoms of estrogen dominance, including breast swelling, bloating, and so on.

You encounter stress and anxiety; if the right amounts of hormones that are required for reproduction are not delivered. You can find a gastroenterology expert at


What To Do When Planning to File A Divorce

Family law in Dubai is established in public interest and it serves as a major institution that serves families in getting justice. The law makes certain that legal issues within families are resolved in a legal manner and justice is served.

Practitioners of Family law in Dubai say that individuals filing cases under the law, especially when filing for divorce, need a lot of moral support throughout the case. Having proper knowledge about the case and hiring a good lawyer will be a great deal of help with the case.

Here are a few things that one should be aware of when filing for a divorce –
1. The right approach is what helps the case. Couples need to discuss it before filing the papers. This will make the process much easy without causing a lot of emotional damage.
2. Think about the details and consequences of separation. Discuss about the budget, a place to live, and child custody. Think about them in detail and make plans about it.
3. List a permanent address so that you don’t miss out on any important paperwork. This is especially important id you are moving to a different city.
4. Don’t start a new relationship until and unless the paperwork is done. Do not rush into it before getting legally separated.
5. Have a solid plan for the children. If you have to fight for the custody, plan ahead and think how things will work in your favor.

Having troubles within the family can be really stressful. It is not only about the relationships that are at stake but it also hurt your social image. All the psychological trauma, and the stress involved with it can be overcome if you hire a good family lawyer. If you are looking for the best family lawyer in Dubai contact SM Law Firm.

Flare System

Importance of Flare System

Also known as gas flare, a flare system is one of the most essential systems in industrial plants. The system is essential to ensure security in the premise. It burns up all the excess, waste gas that is released by the pressure relief valves.

Importance of flare stacks

Flare systems are used in different industrial plants and they are customized according to the requirement of the plant. Flare systems provide safety in the premise by preventing excess gases, which can be harmful when left unattended. They can either leak into the surrounding area.
The best possible solution to it is to use flare stack systems as they deal with the build-up of excess gas which is released by machines. The release of waste gasses or flaring usually occurs during the start and shutdown of the equipment.

Flaring starts when the excess gases get mixed up with steam or air while being pumped through the piping systems. The piping systems are large and they push the flaring through the flare stacks which burn them down. After burning up the excess gas, the system lets out safe water vapor along with carbon dioxide. It can be said that the process is much similar to burning liquid petroleum gases.

These systems need to be inspected from time to time on a regular basis so the system doesn’t get faulty and stays corrosion resistant.
You will have to go for radiographic inspections that will check for fouling material at the strategic points. The systems need proper maintenance and operating measures in order blockages. This will ensure that the systems work perfectly well and ensure safety in the surroundings. Ultrasonic scanning and radiographic inspections are also advisable to make sure that the flare systems work properly.

Have a business and what to secure your office with proper tools? Contact Majees Tech for the best security solutions.


Basic Steps To Set Up Business Free Zone

The need of having a local sponsor in UAE, who owned 51% of the company, often shied away the businessmen from this lucrative paradise of opportunity in the past. But with the introduction of free zones in 1985, the foreign investors got the opportunity to have a 100% ownership of the newly set up business in any of the 45 free zones here. If you are willing to set up a business in free zones of UAE, then you must acquire the help of business advisory services offered by many of the advisory firms here.

You must be aware that setting up a business anywhere is not an easy task. You need to have a thorough knowledge about the market where you want to invest and also the rules and regulations to be followed. All of these can be overwhelming for you. Business advisory services hence play an important role in eliminating all such tasks. Once you hire these services, you will be accurately guided in every step of setting up and running your business here. Let us take a look at a few essential steps to be followed when starting a business in the Free zone areas of UAE.

· Whether you want to set up a FZE -Free Zone Establishment, or a FZ LLC- Free Zone LLC, you should decide the number of shareholders in the company.
· Since the company’s name and that of its manager appear on the business license, therefore both of them must be predefined. From the three of the company’s name proposed by you and submitted to the authorities of the free zone, one final name for your company is chosen by them.
· In case your home company is the shareholder, then a certificate of incorporation and memorandum of association must be submitted and you must make sure that each of them is carefully attested by a local embassy of UAE.
· Within a week an application for the name of the company and the proposed activity is made and submitted. After that the Free zone application form should be submitted with the authorities along with the required documents and a business plan.
· You are then issued a preliminary approval for opening a bank account where you have to retain a certain amount of capital until you get a trade license.
· After this you need to collect a letter from the bank proving that you have the desired capital for setting up a business and when it is shown to the Free Zone authorities, your legal process of registration is completed and you are ready to start the operations.

Adam Global in Dubai is a business advisory firm that can guide you about the steps involved in business registration in FZ UAE.

Lumineers in Dubai

Lumineers Cost In Dubai

As of late, numerous improvements have been made in the field of corrective dentistry. Numerous new surgical methods have turned out to be accessible and in the meantime more up to date and better materials have additionally been found. These materials are not only biologically compatible but also highly effective and durable. These developments have made a number of options available to patients today. Lumineers in Dubai are one such alternative which has come to fruition accordingly of years of research.
Direct bonding, indirect bonding, traditional veneers, composite veneers, Porcelain veneers and Lumineers in Dubai are different kinds of dental bonding available to treat intrinsic discoloration or tooth exterior defects.


LUMINEERS are ultra-thin (around 0.2 mm) and extremely translucent dental bonding veneers made up of a special porcelain material known as Cerenate, letting them replicate the natural look of tooth color. The LUMINEERS are bound to normal teeth like composite lacquers thusly needn’t bother with anesthesia which is not the same as customary porcelain veneers.

Lumineers are preferred over traditional Veneers not only because they are cheaper but also are easier to place. Most of the dentists opt lumineers as the procedure of placing them is very simple. However it takes an experienced cosmetic dentist to get everything right.

Cost of Lumineers

The exact price of lumineers in Dubai, just like any other dental procedure, is based upon individuals conditions. Furthermore, just like utilizing any best in class innovations, results vary with the expert ties of the dental practitioner.

The Lumineers brand may cost around $700-$1,300 per bound tooth. Lumineers claims to last for over 20 years.
There might be a cost for the first meeting ($65-$102) and X-beams ($13-$135).

Most of the Insurance companies may not cover the cost of treatment, but there are a few companies in Dubai who would pay part of the expenses or even all of it. It is advised to check with your agent in advance.

Lumineers are one of the various types of dental veneers which are most popular in Dubai. For more information on the cost of lumineers and other related cosmetic procedures visit

fit out companies in dubai

Top Fit Out Companies In Dubai

The new concept of interior fit out has a captivating effect on everyone’s mind due to their impressive makeovers of dull looking offices and homes to appealing ones. We can’t deny the fact that Dubai is known for some of its structural excellence and designs of famous buildings which clearly state that fit out companies in Dubai are promising enough. Refurbishing your office or homes is no longer felt an expense, as they bring uniqueness in the atmosphere which is loved by all.
Here is a list of the top fit out companies of Dubai that are highly qualified and experienced and follows the latest trends and innovative designs.

· Aujan Interiors LLC

Offer you the high quality fit out services with the hand-picked team according to needs of the clients. With their on time delivery, they offer you affordable services with a personalized approach. Remodeling your space creatively with a lavish look is what sets them apart from others.

· Subgate Interior Designs and Contracting

Subgate is an ISO certified, reputed interior fit out company that provides you with the turnkey solutions. They get all the work done from concept and design to fitting and management, completion and after service making your interior space artfully attractive. They offer advice and consultancy on every aspect of refurbishment.

· Cornerstone Interiors LLC

They are known all over for their team effort and excellence by understanding a customer’s specific requirements according to their budget. With their impeccable experience, they alleviate the interiors by redesigning them dynamically and creating a world class environment.

· Eminence Interiors LLC

Their expert designers and construction managers are well efficient in all market sectors. They are highly cost efficient and saves your time and risk by resources of turnkey solutions. Complete range of services and unbiased guidance are the advantages that the Eminence interior offers you.

· Sinas Interior

Ready to meet your needs, Sinas interiors are dedicated to delivering you with exceptionally designed spaces with their hard work and quality services. They are very attentive towards the details of designing and reaching the deadlines that show up in their performance very brilliantly.