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Lumineers Cost In Dubai

As of late, numerous improvements have been made in the field of corrective dentistry. Numerous new surgical methods have turned out to be accessible and in the meantime more up to date and better materials have additionally been found. These materials are not only biologically compatible but also highly effective and durable. These developments have made a number of options available to patients today. Lumineers in Dubai are one such alternative which has come to fruition accordingly of years of research.
Direct bonding, indirect bonding, traditional veneers, composite veneers, Porcelain veneers and Lumineers in Dubai are different kinds of dental bonding available to treat intrinsic discoloration or tooth exterior defects.


LUMINEERS are ultra-thin (around 0.2 mm) and extremely translucent dental bonding veneers made up of a special porcelain material known as Cerenate, letting them replicate the natural look of tooth color. The LUMINEERS are bound to normal teeth like composite lacquers thusly needn’t bother with anesthesia which is not the same as customary porcelain veneers.

Lumineers are preferred over traditional Veneers not only because they are cheaper but also are easier to place. Most of the dentists opt lumineers as the procedure of placing them is very simple. However it takes an experienced cosmetic dentist to get everything right.

Cost of Lumineers

The exact price of lumineers in Dubai, just like any other dental procedure, is based upon individuals conditions. Furthermore, just like utilizing any best in class innovations, results vary with the expert ties of the dental practitioner.

The Lumineers brand may cost around $700-$1,300 per bound tooth. Lumineers claims to last for over 20 years.
There might be a cost for the first meeting ($65-$102) and X-beams ($13-$135).

Most of the Insurance companies may not cover the cost of treatment, but there are a few companies in Dubai who would pay part of the expenses or even all of it. It is advised to check with your agent in advance.

Lumineers are one of the various types of dental veneers which are most popular in Dubai. For more information on the cost of lumineers and other related cosmetic procedures visit

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Tips to take dental care online.

Oral health care is very important to us. It is the most painful experience any human can face if there is any problem in the dental care. Getting it right is not an easy task as you have to be very careful as to what toothpaste to use and how you do the brushing of your teeth right. And as dental care has become necessary, it has come a long way and dental care products are now available online. This age is rightly called the “Digital Age”. The cavities and enamel problems you are suffering from will be gone with the digitization of dental care healthcare and products. Some questions which are there in our mind when we are taking dental care online are:

Where can I find dental healthcare products online?

Various websites are mushrooming up on the internet that you can look for to search for dental healthcare products. Cosmetic dentistry Dubai prices are also widely available on these websites. The websites list all the specifications of the product you search for and you can see through whether the product is perfect for you or not. From sensitive to non-sensitive toothpastes, from toothbrushes made with carbon, you can find everything on these websites. You can also find toothpastes and toothbrushes which are recommended by dentists as per the companies although only some of them are authentic. Some websites even specialise in providing you with oral and dental healthcare products. All you need is type dental care products on the search engine and there you go, a list full of dental healthcare websites can be viewed.

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Is taking dental care online a good option?

Of course, as you might understand what situation you are going through. After consultation with a dentist, you can find what the root of your problem is and see through the cures online. The power of internet is just amazing. And what is better, going to the local chemist to get your dental healthcare products and medicines, or enquiring and knowing cosmetic dentistry Dubai prices from the convenience of your home? The answer is pretty obvious. Everyone seems to choose the second option.

Quality and Pocket friendly dental care

You might know the cost of various dental healthcare products and the money we spend on keeping our teeth clean and white. It is so much. So much that it might take a huge chunk of your hard earned salary. Enter online, where you can get cosmetic dentistry Dubai prices. That’s right, as these websites provide various discounts on bulk purchases of dental care products and on purchase of these products individually. So, it’s a better option as it will take you a lot of time and money to visit a chemist and buy products.


You might have seen how oral and dental care online is so easy. The stigmas attached to taking dental care online are gone now. Cosmetic dentistry Dubai prices are what online websites have in store for you. So, what are you waiting for, search through the web and get going on taking dental care online.