Top 5 tips in Dog Grooming

A little grooming once in while is important for looking good. Whether it’s you or your pet, grooming is an important part of taking care of oneself. Dogs are undoubtedly the most adopted pets worldwide, they are man’s best friends. They must be treated as dearly as humans treat their fellow beings. Grooming is an essential part of Dog care. This care not only keeps them neat and clean but also makes them look much more adorable and happier. It is good for your dog’s health. People usually don’t know these little facts and think that their dogs are able to care for themselves and their grooming. One should look after their dogs properly and set a routine for regular grooming for their dog. Setting a schedule is good for easing things out. Here are some of the easiest tips for dog grooming:

  • Setting a routine: The first and the most important step is to set up a routine so that things don’t get muddled up. One thing at a time should be the strategy. Brushing should be done one day, then bathing on next day and then trimming the nails the next day. Sessions per day should be kept short and precise.
  • Arranging the equipment: Arranging equipment is also an important part of grooming because sometimes it gets tricky to arrange the right equipment for your dog. Choosing appropriate clippers, scissors and brushes are necessary for perfect grooming.
  • Brushing: Brushing is crucial because it removes all the bugs and dirt. Choose a brush according to the coat of your dog. Do not leave any body part while brushing your dog. Paws, tails, everything needs to be brushed.
  • Bathing: A good and clean bath for your dog is essential. A proper routine bath is also recommended. Use a good shampoo that suits your dog, brush him, use lukewarm water. Avoid eyes, nose, and ears from being sprinkled by the shampoo. Rinse well and remove all the shampoo from your dog’s coat, to avoid irritation on the skin. Checking ears after a bath for extra dirt is a must for preventing infection. Use a dryer on low heat setting.
  • Removing the extra coat: Use clean clippers to hold the hairs on the coat. Clippers must be applied in the direction of growth of the hairs. Clean scissors must be used for trimming and touch ups around then extremities like legs, ears, and face. After cutting, the coat must be brushed again.

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