Spa design

Furniture tips in a spa.

There is nothing like the feeling of soft robes, dim lit room, slow music and a relaxing chair at a spa to help you wind down from all the things that has been bothering you. The interior furniture is a very important aspect of a spa. The furniture elements must all aim at providing a comfortable time for the customers.

Design architects will offer you a variety of options when it comes to the colour scheme, the lights, the massage tables, etc. Check out CK hammam for hammam designs in dubai .

Tips to Buy Furniture

  • Massage Tables

The Table body and the seating material must both go along with the colour scheme that you are sticking with. The table can be portable/tiltable depending on how you are planning to use it. Going for tables that come up with their own storage cabinets is also a very wise option.

  • Lightings

Do not go for complicated chandeliers or lamps. Pick out simple designs that go well with the colour of the wall. Do not put too bright lamps. Even though the room must be well lit, preferably by natural light during day time, by the proper placement of windows, you also need lamps that give out soft light which are comfortable for the eyes. It needn’t be bright enough to read or dark enough to sleep. It must be something relaxing in between.

Spa design

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  • Music 

Having a music system is compulsory in a spa. Soft music can add to the comfort feeling of the customer. There are various playlists and tracks such as meditation music, healing music, natural sounds, etc which have been proven to infuse calm into your minds. Having a gentle music will help the customers relax into its tranquil sounds. Fix the speakers in all sides of the room so that the sound fills the entire room.

  • Candles/Diffusers

Rich aromatic candles with their soft flickering lights will naturally soothe your customers. Pick out branded candles, preferably in a wax shade that goes with your colour scheme and a gentle aroma to help clear up clogged minds.

  • Clothing

A lot of clothing material is required, such as robes, towels, table linen, slippers, etc. All of these should be soft cotton and might as well be personalised.

  • Pedicure Chairs/ Benches /Sinks

Go for multi-function furniture which can best save the space. Pick those Pedicure and Manicure Chairs and furniture that come with in-built storage, so that you can store the tools and creams inside it. Also make sure that the seating is comfortable.The Chairs must also have a division which makes the customer private from the rest of the spa.

The colour scheme is very important. The entire spa must stick with a single theme and material. It’s a combination of all these elements that will add up into a luxurious and memorable experience for your customers. So spend your time in deciding all the furniture and where to put them