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Corporate Social responsibility- Followed by every interior design company

Interiors design companies and interior fit out companies in Dubai have a huge responsibility of following the rules of corporate social responsibility. Our company understands this responsibility very well and we aim at conducting business as responsible corporate citizen by abiding to the rules and norms set by the law.

As one of the most preferred interior fit out contractor in Dubai, we carry out business keeping in mind the environmental and societal concerns along with the welfare of our employees and stakeholders.

For us, CSR is the most important thing to be considered by interior fit out contractors in Dubai. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is:

  • Conducting operations while following all corporate ethics and carrying out social responsibility.
  • Ensuring that we cause least to zero harm to the environment and conduct environment safe business.
  • Giving prominence to human values; and
  • Respecting and supporting work cultures and communities.
Fit out companies in Dubai

           CSR- Interior Design

Interior fit out contractors in Dubai have to ensure that they consider all the matters pertaining to Corporate Social Responsibility with sincerity. They have to give special importance to:

Business Ethics and Transparency

Ø  Contractors must be committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance.

Ø  The business has to be conducted openly with honesty and in an ethical manner.

Ø  Contractors have to recognize the importance to protecting personal and financial information of their workers.

Ø  They have to maintain consistency in the quality of their products.

Environment, Health and Safety

Interior fit out contractors have to be committed to taking care of the health and safety of individuals who are impacted through their products, including workers, stakeholders and customers. Contractors and companies have to provide their employees with safe and healthy working environment. The health and well being of works should never be ignored. Companies should conduct eco-friendly activities and try to minimize the extent of exploitation of nature. Companies ought to offer environmental protection and stewardship.

Apart from this companies must take proper measures to cut pollution, increase biodiversity and to contribute to resource conservation, so they can successful contribute to sustainable environment.

Stakeholder Relations

Interior fit out contractors in Dubai have to give prominence to maintaining good relations with their stakeholders. They have to be clear, honest, and respectful with them. There should be regular communication with shareholders, employees, clients, community as well as authorities.

Employee Relations  

Companies must ensure that their employees are treated fairly. Companies must give prominence to employee dignity and they have to consider employee goals and aspirations and encourage them in every possible way. Contractors have to adapt fair labour practices and should also respect concerned laws.

Human Values

Companies have to work on building trust, delivering mutual advantage and respect human rights and dignity. They should not tolerate or encourage human rights abuses.

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