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Multicolour dining chair- the new trend.

The term ‘matching’ is definitely an outdated word in the vocab of interior designing. On the other hand, mixing it up is the in thing now. Whether it is your bedroom, living room or dining room, this new multicolor theme is applied to every room of your home nowadays. Architects in Dubai add special flamboyancy and personality to any kind of formal or open plan kitchens or dining rooms by including a mix up of different kinds of dining chairs in different hues. And along with that you can give the user a choice of picking up his/her favorite color to sit on.

Whether you have a bright and spacious interior or dark and cramped rooms, multicolor dining chairs would look chic and contemporary in every kind of space. Here we have a few was of using multicolored dining chairs that can turn any boring dining area, more lively.

  • Make it colorful: if you have a very big dining area, you can make the area decorative by making use of a glass dining table with multicoloured plastic dining chairs or wooden chairs painted in different cool colors. You can also make it more colorful by adding dining chairs with different colored legs and seats. You can further accent the dining space by adding colorful pom poms and a beautiful chandelier for lighting.
  • Keep it simple monochromatic: leaving the usual black, brown or white color of chairs, you can also make your dining space, vivid by making use of a single colored dining chair for instance dark green color painted wooden chairs. To give the chairs a colorful look, you can make use of contrasting upholstery. Add dim lights to give the ambiance a romantic setting.
Architects in Dubai

                              Multicolour chairs

  • Vintage setting looks great: because the demand of vintage furniture has increased, you’ll be lucky to find brightly colored vintage dining chairs with the exact chunk of wear and tear to match with the vintage theme of your interiors. This will give a perfect look to your dining space combining color with antiquity. You can also bring a colorful but rustic appearance of your dining space by adding multicolored classic molded chairs.
  • Bentwood chairs give a chic appeal: a fantastic way of adding color to your dining room is by making use of bentwood chairs painted in different colors. If your dining space is small make sure to use a light color on the walls and then you can add a small dining table (wood or glass) with different colors of bentwood chairs and add add a colorful style to your small dining space.
  • Add color with upholstery: you can also brighten up your dining area by using simple wooden chairs with multicolor upholstery. Further add a small brass chandelier or painted lantern scones to make the setting appear sleek and stylish.

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