Tips to control mice at home

You may think of mice as cute little critters, but not many share the sentiment. For many, mice are the creepy monsters that they hate to have around. Whatever our ideology is, we would never want to share our home with them. Pest control companies in Dubai say that the disease that these cute faced beings spread via urine and feces are many.

Getting rid of these mice has been a tiring job for ages and we have all tried the traditional snap traps or rodenticides and failed! So here are some natural ways which can help you get rid of the mice at home:

Peppermint Essential Oil
This is one of the favourite methods of pest control companies in Dubai. Mice have a sense of smelmil that can easily beat that of humans. Mice find the smell of peppermint overwhelming and offensive. Though this is not a very good remedy to deter mice, it also helps in keeping the home smell good all through the day.
You will need:
· Cotton balls
· Peppermint essential oil
Directions of use:
Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a cotton ball and place the ball in a corner where the mice usually stay. Refresh once or twice a week or when you notice the smell is fading.

Leave it all to nature
We all know that cat and mice are dangerous enemies! So you all know how to get rid of the mice. With their killer instincts and age old enmity, cats can easily hunt down all mice. If you have a pest problem and if the problem is because of mice, then you need to befriend a cat.
You will need:
· A cat
Just go to your local animal shelter and find a furry friend.

Rid of Mice

                                Rid of Mice

Mouse Deterrent Spray
A mouse deterrent spray is a special mixture that doesn’t involve any manufactured chemicals or toxins. However, pest control companies in Dubai advise you to wear goggles and gloves before applying it. The spray is made entirely from hot peppers and is a great defense against mice. The spray uses habanero peppers and cayenne peppers.
You will need:
· 1/2 cup habaneros
· 2 tablespoons pepper flakes
· 16 cups of water
· Two 2 gallon buckets
· Spray bottle
· Cheesecloth
· Gloves/goggles
Wear goggles and gloves when making or applying this mixture. Take a large pot and boil water. Blend the peppers and flakes until they are roughly chopped. Add this pepper blend into a 2 gallon bucket, and then pour boiling water. Cover it up and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours.
Take a cheesecloth and strain out the pepper bits. Then pour this mix in spray bottles and spritz around the entrances and affected areas.

If these methods don’t work well for you then you should try getting help from professionals. CosmoPest is the best destination for those looking for the best pest control companies in Dubai. We provide the best organic solutions for your pest concerns.

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