Top advantages of using steel grating

Almost every industry makes use of steel grating. According to the best steel and aluminum company in Dubai a major advantage of steel grating is the security it provides to both the staff as well as the machines.

The two main areas for using steel grating are –

  1. Industrial usage
  2. For safety and security

Reasons for using silver grating are –

  1. They need very little or no maintenance
  2. They provide a very strong hold for big structures

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Types of steel grating

There are 3 different types of steel grating. They are –

30mm centers – They are available in both steel and aluminum and they are suitable for heavy loading.

40mm centers – In this the grating is available in forge bar and twist lock. This type of grating materials are apt for designing staircases, walkways, platforms, ladders, etc. they can use steel and steel with aluminum.

60mm centers – This type is mostly used in mining industries to prevent spilling of the materials on the floor. This grating is in a way that only small materials fall through it and not the big ones. One thing to remember here is that this grating is very lightweight and is not advised for heavy loads.

Grating in industries is used for the following –

  1. Flooring in the industries
  2. For shelving and for manhole covers
  3. Drain covers
  4. Sun shades
  5. Hand rails and stair treads
  6. Security screens

Steel Grating is a very important application of both steel as well as aluminum. It is especially important for the safety of man and merchandise at work place.

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