Yellow – The New Color Pick In Interior Designing.

Color is a very important aspect of interior designing. The colors that are used in a room directly reflect the personality of the owner. Though many would consider that thinking about room color is a waste of time, office fit out companies in Dubai know that the color of a room actually affects moods and thoughts and more so in an office space as it affects creativity and productivity. For those who carry work to their homes, beating the dullness of the home office is also important.

Choosing Yellow

There are few colors which can bring excitement and cheerfulness as yellow. Yellow is a color to be reckoned with. If combined with the right colors and in the right proportion, a combination of yellow can make a room warm, bright and cheerful; any combination from a sunny lemon to murky mustard can be a start to a great color combination of yellow. The bright yellow reminds us of sunshine, helps in stimulating our mind and emotions and communicates joy and bliss.

  • In classical interior designs, office fit out companies in Dubai often combine the color with white, which is a popular combination in offices, dining and living rooms. This combination makes the room appear bright, classical and clean. Yellow with white also makes the room appear spacious and bigger. Wooden furniture of oak in such rooms complements the color.
  • Yellow looks good in all shades if paired with chocolate and imparts warmth to the room with this contrast.
  • Grey is popularly the most neutral color, and soft yellow combined with soft shades of grey makes the interiors look calm. Even when used moderately, the combination brings oomph to a room.
Interior design Dubai

Interior design Dubai

  • Choosing bright yellow for the walls and mixing it with a shade of red would make the room energetic.
  • A combination of bright yellow and purple go well together. Yellow combined with pastel green and purple looks fresh without irritating the eyes.
  • The yellow color can also be added to your office by way of décor, and there are ample ways by which this can be done – with a work desk, wall-mounted shelves, a chair or cabinets.


Office fit out companies of Dubai combine different shades of yellow with many other colors. No matter what the existing color scheme of your office, yellow is sure to fit right in and impart life to a room making it look bright and spacious.

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